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A water and light flowing energy source for Black Rock City 2007 sparked by human love, energetic intention and resonance.

How do we grow?

With YOUR help!  OYA is a Green Man Pavilion installation powered by a combination of human intention and resonant action, a joe cell generative system and an array of Kelvin droppers creating mineral crystal growth.  See below for technical details. 

Help us crystallize OYA by picking up shirts, OYA Love Rocks ($10 gift) or by making a materials donation via IHCenter.  Donations may be tax deductible and we currently need ~$2000 in materials to make OYA possible.  Especially valuable offerings will be rewarded with rain from OYA on Friday August 31st.


AMO Collaborators





Ryan: This project can go a million directions, I think its important to focus on manifesting the concepts. As I see them, the concepts are:

1. 'fringe' energy devices to fuel an intent and energy devices which are water and flow-based (based in the idea that after electrical technology (electronics), there will be water/flow technology/tronics)


2. the intent is to raise awareness of Oya by growing a statue/body: mother of nine, of the frist and last breath, of wind, lightening and fire. The play happens when the awareness of her is raised inside the Man.


3. leave enough holes in the logic so the magic of the situation may flow.


OYA Roots


  1. Brent: An idea or two came to me a bit ago... I will make a drawing, but in short, an spiral helix shaped array of the 9 Kelvin drip devices. 18 cylinders at the top forming the helix for which water drops to fall through at different heights down to Yin - Yang catch basins at the bottom after going through 18 metal funnels to collect the charges.

That structure could perhaps surround some sort of sculpture that has water flowing in a stream bed path clockwise down a spiral path - flowing over three stainless tubes (with a little left / right sineous weave thrown in...) that will expose it to the Orgone / Prana / Ch'i field that is emitted through the tubes flowing upwards counterclockwise from the Joe Cell underneath on their way up to envelope and flow between the upper open cylinder conductors of the Kelvin drips...

ah the sound of rain...

  1. Interactivity: hand crankable light or other feature to heat, move water upward?
  2. Elizabeth: I never would have thought that I would be able to link, back to back,

Oya to wind-->water-->natural forces-->hurricanes-->cyclone/double spiral-->eye of the storm-->the seed-->transformation-->forces of change-->forces of nature-->geomancy-->permaculture-->biodynamics-->earth-->gaia-->divination-->science of dirt-->pattern recognition-->sacred geometry-->queen of nine-->orisha's sixteen-->256-->16-->binary systems-->-->i-ching-->yin/yang-->it's endless. all is connected.

  1. Brent: Perhaps a screen assembly of some sort included to help the crystal growth for the water with all the salts and seed crystals can somehow be started? *If the copper screen that Elizabeth mentioned having is exposed to the Prana field, it might start crystallizing / corroding. Interesting field effect / affect. Otherwise, metal window screen will work. Is it possible that we could have two conductors over which the water flows? Connect the two plates to the Kelvin drip output buss? Just to get a tingle... would that aid or inhibit the crystal growth? Maybe in a section(s) which a couple peices of screen material are set at a distance for the charge gap to span?
  2. OYA and Oya! and Oye como va....
  3. http://giantcrystals.strahlen.org/library/garciaruiznaica.pdf

This article describes how the giant crystals in Mexico were formed. Celenite/gypsum is the dihydrate of calcum sulfate (it has two waters of formation integrated into its structure) and this is what is typically found on the suface of the lakebed. Calcium sulfate dihydrate can have its water removed thermally to become the anhydrate, without water (or the hemihydrate, with just one water). This can start to happen at ~50C. The story, as I understand it so far, is that the calcium sulfate is formed by various processes originated from sulfides which have been oxidized, but they were not in the proper conditions to crystalize, i.e., proper concentrations and temperature. A warm flow dries them out to form the anhydrate inside the mountain, then more water is exposed to it and the reaction reverses to make the hydrated form and crystalizes into our beloved desert roses and crystals. Very interesting mechanism, indeed. (note: calcium sulfate is one of few compounds who solubility goes down as temperature goes up!)

  1. Ryan: Ya, high juice, its the configuration that is interesting. Been thinking about the best configuration if the water drops through all the rings sequentially. Im sure there would be a charge differential if the heights were not the same. Given the conditions of the lab and the desert, there is going to be higher charge in the air in the desert, so any heights determined in the shop and lab will be different. Im also guessing there is a characteristic length where the drop becomes saturated with charge, that is the point to put a ring. Maybe something like the configuration of a ring on a laboratory ring stand, but thinking to stay away from the 'lab' look. Anywho, too early to tell if we are going to want the right to be tunable by height.


For people to hold onto the electrical gap: that will require an experiment. As for the model that is shown on Prof. Levin's video, he states somewhere between 10,000 and 50,000Volts and small currents, 10 microAmperes would be a good guess. Its about the distance between the spheres (shold be on the order of 5 mm to 1 cm, ~1/2 inch or less). Leakage currents would prevent a spark, but a tuned human should be able to feel the flow. And, when the flow is coming in a rhythm and beat, well, that helps the feel of the flow. Wow, I love the helix idea. I think there is a decent amount of height in the pavillion, at least 12 Feet. I looked for the plans, but will have to look harder. We really need to do some experiment on the drops.

As for charging the Joe Cell, has anyone ever tried jump starting it with high voltage? It should do the same thing, kindof.

THe lightening sparks comes from the upper bound of the dielectric strength of air mixed with water. Lets look up the dielectic strenght of water, it will be in V/cm, exceed that voltage over that space, water breaks down and electricity flows. Its a wonderful idea to let the action of water dropping by gravity, collect 'static' electricity, transfer it to the rings on the helix, deliver it to the Joe Cell to split water, not in the air (as the electric spark gap), but at the water/cylinder interface. I see the Joe Cell as a kind of spiritual capacitor, it can take 12V for a long time at high current or it can take many thousands of volts for a short time at a low current. Will a continuum of this get the cell going, I would guess so.


Yes, I think a mechanical mode, maybe pumping and waterwheeling will take water to the upper resivor from the lower resivor. I like the rain sounds.

Just to go on a limb, fire, heating the water, would evaporate it, and send it up, where it could condense on the trees, flowers, and wheels of collectors uptop to deliver it to the resivor. But, I don't think it would be good to have fire or a heating element in the man base. A mechanical way of moving water is best.


Building in AMO

Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. Play around with this wiki: you can add comments to a page, see what people have changed, and edit all the text.

24/7 building/modeling space is available at the Toyshoppe lab on AMOIsland.

Keep your drafts here so you can refer to earlier versions.


I believe our Oya should be making some noise.

Apparently Oya comes from Orisha, where traditional poetry & ceremonies are passed on orally.

Audio-not visual language. nothing written.

We could achieve nice rhythms with the dripping water.



Also, I had a vision of drums that visitors could play, hit, bang, tap and vibrate,

sifting playa dust into the water resevoir - mixed then crystallized.


Oya African (Yoruban) warrior orisha of the wind, symbolic of the winds of change. Every breath we take is a gift from Oya. She is tall and regal, strong, assertive, courageous and independent and is always willing to take risks. Oya is a great witch and the guardian of the gates of death. Women often ask her to give them the ability to choose their words so that they speak persuasively and powerfully. She symbolizes transformations, power, action, life, and vivacity. Oya is invoked in case of illness. Wife of Chango, daughter of Yemaya and the sea.


3D Models





DiMethyl Temple by Rob Newell and Carey Thompson (below)



OYA Sketches









Part science, part magic, all love, 

using water and flow to generate electricity 

(Joe Cell, Kelvin water drop generator, ambient energy harvester), 

applicaiton of core philosophy that energy can only be created with intention, 

and the intention here is to raise the awareness of the goddess OYA by growing and crystallizing a form.  

(the playa is made of lake evaporites, which include gypsum, which is calcium sulfate dihydrate, when dried, it becomes the anhydrite or plaster of paris, and when rewetted, under the right conditions, can become the crystal selenite.)  

Use of the energy, both by participant and electricity, will go to growing a form composed of playa, the latest in the growing architecture experiments.






 Crystals are observed at the drying front from a selenite seeded and heated saturated solution which included the emulsion layer (organics and sand). This confirms crystals can be grown from playa and that they grow at the evaporation front.


 Twinned crystal structures are observed to decrease in size from the drying front inwards.  The twinned aspect suggests that the crystals may be selenite, compare the image above to the image below of twinned selenite.






Click to donut 










Crystalizing and electrifying the spirit of OYA 

 of the nines

vortex flow geometry to the heart


 nine crystals connected and grounded to the earth



Seed the desert rose




The composition of the black rock desert is alkali salts.  

Carbonates and sulfates and more of sodium and calcium 


Gypsum is a very soft mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO4ยท2H2O.

Water and desert mixtures may be flowed to form a temple of a body

Seeds may be crystalized and electrified.

Gypsum is also selenite, also the same crystals as found in the Naica Mines (up to 11m).

If the metal is calcium and the salt is carbonate, then the crystal is calcite (CaCO3).  Calcite is also found as Iceland spar which is referred to in The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman in His Dark Materials series.   






In fact, sand roses are not pebbles shaped by wind, but crystallize at the water table, about 1 m below the surface, where large, fresh crystals can be found. 


Since gypsum crystallizes in the pore spaces of coarse sand, its growth is driven by the complex organization of the porosity network. The main trend is the horizontal stratification of the sand that also conforms to the surface of the water table. This preferential plane explains the growth of sand roses from well-developed horizontal blades, together with the clustering of rosettes in large horizontal plates.

Some rosettes and clusters display blades that seem to have developed in various directions along crystallographic axis; however, the rotation of the rosettes in the loose sand during their growth is also to be considered. In some particular circumstances sand roses look remarkably like a spherical rose flower with its petals wide open. Since pure gypsum is transparent, sand roses are the color of the sand in which they are embedded, usually dark brown. If the sand is coarser, sand rose substance looks like honey. If the sand is black, due to high content in organic matter, the sand rose is black too. 


...are ephemeral witnesses of the intense geological processes that occur at the interface between water and sediments.


solubility is 0.24grams per 100mL of water at room temp
density is 2 grams per cubic centimeter

 How they grow in Mexico:




Occasional crystals will have included other small rocks from the clay.  Also, crystals attached to roots or other vegetation are not uncommon.




Energize the spirit









1.  Joe Cells






2.  Ambient Energy Harvester 




3. Kelvin Water Dropper:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water-dropping_condenser




Professor Walter Lewin of MIT


 This link talks about both the Joe Cell and the Electrostatic Water Drop



Look into Marx generator configuration











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