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What is ManorMeta?


  • A living smarthome for 9 everyday superheroes
  • A series designed for families to participate and create together
  • A new concept in transmedia storytelling integrating social media best practices
  • A playful space for kids to engage directly with problem solving adventures and social issues
  • A space for playful education cleverly disguised as music, art and entertainment


ManorMeta is designed to evolve with the quickly changing world of social media.


ManorMeta's Matrix:


  • Graphic Novel: Currently producing a comic graphic novel that features the first of many problem solving adventures from ManorMeta

  • HDTV Series: Written for ages 6-13 watching at home with parents, a family series designed for active audience participation and heightened STEM creativity

  • Web game world: Built on the VastPark platform for portable web/mobile playability, extends social issue adventures to interactive spaces and mobile gaming

  • Creative Social Network: A new style of social network where creativity is the coin, reputation is built on quality of work and relevance to social issues

  • IMAX Film: Culmination of the first series release with a worldwide mobile game embedded in the film, playable participatory entertain

  • Educational shorts: Machinima videos designed for inclusion in DVD textbook multimedia



Our graphic novel begins with five kids looking for their new home, troubled foster children picked up in a futuristic van and whisked off to a crystalline manor in the moutains.  What would you do if you came to find yourself living in a home where anything is possible, where global information is a touch away and time and space are no object?  How would you choose to change the world?


Ama, Josh and Mahalo welcome our protagonist youth into their new life at ManorMeta, a home where everything is living, from the digital silicate walls to the dreamscapes they create together through music, art and educational adventures.


ManorMeta is an intricate transmedia series designed for web, television, film, print and interactive gameworlds where everyone is a participant.  By leveraging creativity as coin for a new type of social media ManorMeta works to help kids and families sort out new solutions for healthier living. 


ManorMeta is now under construction on AMO Island in Second Life along with early development on the VastPark gaming platform for web gaming.  Visit the AMO Galleries for hundreds of photos of the ManorMeta alpha and beta builds in virtual worlds.


ManorMeta has been a featured social venture at Omidyar.net and part of the NetSquared Innovation Awards with TechSoup.  Over the last two years over 200 leaders in business, education, nonprofit aid, media and the arts have volunteered their time and talent to be a part of the ManorMeta world.  This series is written by Evonne Heyning and registered with the Writers Guild of America; web materials linked above are licensed and available with attribution under Creative Commons.



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