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 The Integral Second Living group meets on AMO Island in Second Life on Mondays at Noon and 8PM.


JUNE 30th Integral Gathering



Yes, there *are* some things happening in and around the Integral space at AMO!

Here's the schedule (all times are SL time - events in or near the Integral space):

10am : view the draft edit of the AQAL slideshow with Gloria/Liz

12noon-4pm: Other integral video for drop-in viewing and informal chat

5pm - 6pm: Wish/Dmitri presenting on integral politics

7-10pm: Party time! Live deejay even - put on your dancin' shoes!


Visit the AMO Zaadz pod for discussions and updates on integral events in Second Life.


For more on integral theory, visit the AMO Island installations by Enkidu Fanwood, Tara Yeats, Grey Foxley, Wish Lusch, Vivienne Cassavetes, In Kenzo, Dancoyote Antonelli, Gloria Sempati.



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