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Global bridgebuilding

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Burners without Borders is one of many action organizations that reaches out to emergency care situations worldwide.

Started after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, BwB has been reaching out in Peru as well as Madre Grande in CA thanks to Amoration and your support!


For the thousands now cleaning up their land from Santa Clarita to San Diego, CA we have helped coordinate volunteers, gifts and simple home items.

Bender of BJURT.COM has graciously gifted 100 of his bjurt structures for Burners without Borders rebuilding efforts.


AMO will be working closely with the community at Madre Grande in Dulzura, CA and will also help match volunteers with projects as possible.

John and Tracey from Madre Grande have let us know that they have lost their homes but the main library/meditation/sun room structures

have survived along with all six cats.  In our December visits to the monastery we were able to weld and repair a fence along with plumbing, electrical and cleaning/storage projects.


Global outreach begins from the heart, from genuine interest in the lives of others.

We specialize in simple and focused actions that help build global bridges and connect communities.


For international outreach we work closely with the International Humanities Center.

We also work closely with Burners without Borders for Southern California post-fire rebuilding and cleanup and will be hosting at the Lantern Festival in LA on May 10th as a fundraiser for BwB projects.


Archived global bridgebuilding projects from AMO:


1)  Global Peacetiles Project:  PositiveLove video release and any Peacetiles events

2)  Life in Africa:  Short term campaign with Omidyar.net community for power generator

3)  Camp Darfur:  Design and development of the Camp Darfur awareness experience

4)  TechFarms:  Ongoing community planning development for integrated energy/learning centers

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