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PORT11 Opens 2/11/11



Causebuilding Games

SXSWi talk on 3/12 at 3:33PM 

Join Josephine Dorado and Evonne Heyning exploring the connections between the public sector (GOV, NPO, EDU, ETC :) with the game development industry, providing inroads to new stories that help public projects grow through fun play and engaging opportunities. Costumes encouraged, RSVP here for SXSWi.


#techsoupvirtual at #NTC11

Virtual Teams!

Join the social media team at TechSoup Global exploring how virtual teams can work better together.


Amoration integrates network culture and emergent creative channels


  1. Interactive spaces with original content development
  2. Global bridgebuilding spotlight for communities to grow
  3. Educational development, research, curriculum, collaboration
  4. Network weaving and idea generation for social care endeavors


The world behind FROGGOIL

So I'm not sure how to describe the creative process but sometimes you know you have to do something and make something without fully understanding how to best more forward.  Art, creativity and gaming are a part of this creative process @amoration and I've created a new game for you to explore solutions to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  If you're interested in exploring your own creative potential you can go and Make games.  We're in early beta, only 8 levels done so far but you can play along and leave comments at Playcrafter (or on the #froggoil hashtag).  Looking forward to hearing your ideas!


Please go watch TedXOilSpill for more ideas and details including the photo credits for this game, we're integrating materials from all over and will include a credits level at the end for those of you who can win the Froggoil game.  No one has beaten it yet except the creator....will you be the first?

Publishing 2010:  Thrivability: A Collaborative Sketch:  Chapter on Play by Evonne Heyning for Thrivable.net/Jean Russell
View more presentations from Jean Russell.

What is Amoration?

AMO: The root of love

~ation: The state of being, practice and study

Amoration: living in love, a practice of open engagement

Our Mission: To Create a Culture of Conscious Compassion


Current Endeavor:  #cocoastories and Sweet Saga interactive documentary game, PORT11 Spaceport Experience Transmedia Production 

Current Partners: TechSoupGlobal Nonprofit Commons, Seeds, DoppelGames, Toyshoppe Systems, EnLightning, Burners without BordersTransitions 


PUBLISHED 5/14/09:  Mixing Realities: A Primer for Producing Virtual and Live Events      Download MR Production


Love = Energy

Definitions of Love

Love in Every Language


Love and form Almaas

There is the sweet, fluffy kind of love, the merging and contented kind of love and then there is a third kind of love: passionate, powerful, consuming and ecstatic. You feel you've been taken by storm. Your mind is gone. You feel power and lustiness, passion and zest. You feel your whole being is burning like a flame and that flame is full, and that fullness is the love. You feel ecstasy, passion and no difference between desire, wanting, giving, receiving. It is all one consuming thing. I call it ecstatic, passionate love. This love is not only directed toward a person. It is again your beingness. You are the passion. It is true passion, not the passion of the emotions, which is fake passion. When you are passionately longing or passionately wanting, you are being your passion itself. But as true passion of love, you feel like a consuming force of life. When you look at life and existence, you're not wanting something from it; you simply appreciate and love it passionately because life and existence are so beautiful. Beauty is a part of the passion. What ignites that passion is beauty, the exquisite, luminous beauty of existence. (Diamond Heart Book 2, pg 162)



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