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>>>>UPDATE: PORT11 Public calls open 4/11/11 through September portal close


Amoration integrates network culture and emergent creative channels


  1. Interactive spaces with original content development
  2. Global bridgebuilding spotlight for communities to grow
  3. Educational development, research, curriculum, collaboration
  4. Network weaving and idea generation for social care endeavors

We produce live interactive events & experiences with you.


What is Amoration?

AMO: root of love

~ation: state of being, practice and study

Amoration: living in love, a practice of open engagement

Our Mission: To Create a Culture of Conscious Compassion


Current Endeavor:  #cocoastories and Chocolate Sweet Saga interactive documentary game, PORT11 Spaceport Experience Transmedia Production 

Current Partners: TechSoup Global Nonprofit Commons, Seeds, Toyshoppe Systems, Burners without Borders 



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