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AMO Annex @ Black Rock City



AMO is the root of love and the AMO Annex of Black Rock City is space for that love to grow. We are enigmatic inventors & community oriented designers creating peaceful and juicy connections. Here's our description on the BM theme camp list:

AMO Annex is claiming space for the study, science and praxis of love. Our space is an intentional incubator for ideas, drawing the brilliant genii of AMO to experiment with focus, resonance, frequency and quality of connection. Visit our living learning lab and explore our OYA installation in the pavilion under the man.

A mythic group of leaders from around the world, the AMO are vigilant caregivers, dreambenders, priestesses and creative wizards.



Grey Water and Shower Systems


We are setting up a common shower and greywater system organized by Spaceman Sam, Christian and E Marley. Please bring your own water for the shower and you are welcome to bring your own sunshower bag or use one of ours.


Kitchen and Meals


We will have a common camp cooking area and we ask that you bring your own pots, pans, eating utensils and food and please clean up after use. We know how hard it gets to clean up after a long night on the playa and ask that you plan to bring cleaning wipes or anything easy to keep from leaving crusty bits out overnight.


Cook ahead to reduce packaging! We will be bringing meals in deep freeze (dry ice is available in Reno) and we recommend that you plan ahead and cook a few meals or bring easy to heat up options....soups, TastyBites and boil-in-bag rice, vegetables are always a good idea out there too. We have a handful of vegetarians in our camp and will ask that the meateaters please use their own pots/pans for cooking so that others are not getting too much carnivore action.



Those of us out there for two weeks cannot keep enough fresh fruit on hand without spoilage and we will love you if you bring us bananas, berry and/or chocolate.


We do not seem to have many liquor-happy campers this year and we will not have a public bar, however items may be available in the kitchen for you to mix and match.

Please bring what you love most and a little extra to share with your friends.


Water is your responsibility...please plan to bring at least 6 liters of water for your use each day, more if you plan to shower daily. Your average camping shower may use 2 gallons of water, dishes and other cleanup will often use a half gallon or more, and you will want to drink a gallon of water (some with electrolytes/EmergenC) every day while out there.


Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore

Please respect the laws of Nevada with regard to sharing food (sanitation), nudity (none with those under 18 PLEASE, not even for massage) and other laws as applicable. If you are a licensed practitioner of a healing art you may need a Nevada license to practice officially.  You know how it goes; law enforcement will likely be watching others in our vicinity and we should be mindful at all times of those around us.


*Living Learning Lab* AMO wiki


Shapeshifting 128 "How do you follow your heart? Raul asked. How can you be sure what it says?

~"I Listen." He lifted a cupped hand to his ear. "Your heart is part of the universe. If you listen to your heart, you hear the voice of the Universe. We call it the voice of the Universe or the Voice of the Soul. It speaks to us all the time. We only have to listen." He turned to me. "What do you hear?"~

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